We’re taking works for the Spring 2018 issue, which we hope to have published by the end of March! If you’ve got it, send it in.

If you’ve submitted and haven’t heard back yet, then we thank you for your patience. All submissions are in consideration.

*Edited on Feb. 12, 2018.

Here we go

I’m taking submissions for the second of Starfall Sea. Please, send it in—anything and everything.

Check the “Submissions” page for guidelines and instructions.

Send me a message at editor@starfallsea.org with any questions.

… and flies away!

The first issue of Starfall Sea is out. Access it by clicking “Issues” toward the top of the page.

I’m glad to have it out there, and I’m glad for all who submitted and all who contributed.

I’m officially accepting work for the second issue. If you have it, send it in.

Cheers, everyone.

She spreads her wings…

The first issue is nearly complete, and I’m still taking submissions. If you want your work to be considered, send it in. I’m glad for the chance to read.

“Good writing as well as good acting will be obedience to conscience. There must not be a particle of will or whim mixed with it. If we can listen, we shall hear. By reverently listening to the inner voice, we may reinstate ourselves on the pinnacle of humanity.” – Henry David Thoreau

(Whether or not you agree with the guy, he sure had style.)