Issue the first: Contributors

Kaley Craig is a graduate of the University of Central Florida. She enjoys comic books, Jack Vettriano paintings, and twist endings. Her contribution to Starfall Sea will mark her first publication in Orlando and she is still thrilled to bits about that fact.

Philip “Pj” Metz is a poet from Orlando, Florida. He started writing in earnest during his time teaching English in Busan, South Korea, while immersed in the expat literary scene. He continues to write in Florida while teaching high school literature classes. Pj believes that sincere and honest art is our best method of expressing our truest selves.

Ariana Valencia is a passionate writer, actress, and student. Every opportunity she gets to create and share with others, she becomes more excited about what the future holds for her as not only an artist but a creator.

Harlan Groves is the editor of Starfall Sea. He lives in Orlando, Florida.