She smelled of earthly things

by Ariana Valencia


She smelled of earthly things.
She looked like she had flowers growing in between her toes,
leaves coming out from her underarms, and sunshine coming from the cracks of her teeth.
When she put her hair behind her ear it looked like a wave gliding over rocks.
She was so gentle.
Her eyelashes fluttered like owls in the night, and you can hear the ever so slight “whoosh” when she’d blink.
But the days she cried, her tears were as blue as the ocean view from her apartment.
Just not as blue as her eyes.
The days she cried her tears were as blue as if the color was dripping from her iris down to her cheeks.
She was the epitome of mother nature.
She was the epitome of human nature.


Ariana Valencia is a passionate writer, actress, and student. Every opportunity she gets to create and share with others, she becomes more excited about what the future holds for her as not only an artist but a creator.