I’m open to any genre or style of work. Please submit short stories, flash fiction, poetry, essays, memoir, comics, photography, digital art, short films, and all else that you’ve created. I may not know what the magazine should have until I read it or see it. There is no word limit. If you’re in doubt, then submit.

Send all submissions to, under the subject “Submit.” Please send separate submissions as separate attachments. Written works can be sent as Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF or Apple Pages files. Poetry can be submitted as a single file, with each poem starting on a new page. For example, if you’re submitting a short story and four poems, then you should send one e-mail with two attachments (the short story as one attachment, and the four poems as the other attachment).

When submitting, please mention how, where or from whom you heard of the magazine.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome. Please let me know if your work is accepted elsewhere before you hear from me. Reprints are also welcome; when you submit, please mention that the work has been published before, and where.

Contributors to Starfall Sea will be paid for their work.

In accepting your work, Starfall Sea takes one-time, non-exclusive rights to publish your work, as well as the right to archive it. All other rights revert to the author on publication.

If you make a donation to Starfall Sea, then please feel free to mention it when you submit, and I’ll provide specific feedback on your work. All submissions are given fair consideration, regardless of support to the magazine.

Thanks for considering Starfall Sea.